Tivoli Puzzle – play your way to great experiences at Tivoli

Tivoli Puzzle – play your way to great experiences at Tivoli

The world’s second oldest and most exclusive amusement park Tivoli Gardens situated in Copenhagen can also be discovered on your mobile device. Tivoli Puzzle game incorporates the historic and unique style of Tivoli and a joyful Tivoli attendant guides you through the park full of music, fun and imagination while you play your way to real experiences at Tivoli.

It is a fascinating Match 3 puzzle game that brings hours of entertainment for the whole family. The game gets you on a trip through the gardens while you play your way through The Old Rollercoaster, Friday Rock, the all-new Fatamorgana and other iconic park’s attractions. You will earn voucher points that may be used in the Tivoli Puzzle voucher shop on the Pointvoucher platform. There is a large variety of products and experiences which can be redeemed in and outside of Tivoli.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful art and animations that match Tivoli’s design language
  • Amazing in-game animations
  • High entertainment level including advanced elements, boosters and sounds
  • Voucher points to get real products in and outside the Tivoli Gardens

Richard Sherry from a gaming news and information portal GameSkinny commented on the game:

“Tivoli Puzzle is part game and part interactive travel brochure. [It] is simultaneously a clever advert and a heartfelt love-letter to Tivoli, displaying a plethora of unique information about the <…> park. In fact the game reveals more than a quick Wikipedia search, and presents it in a much more engaging way. With around 70 current levels and a promise to “continue to develop with new attractions, levels and surprises’, the game should keep players entertained.”


Total downloads: 42027

Total time spent: 8.5 years

Average time spent per user: 4 hours

Claimed vouchers: 3883

Download Tivoli Puzzle here: iOS and Android

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