The Big One – Buckle Up mobile game: a roller coaster ride at your fingertips

The Big One – Buckle Up mobile game: a roller coaster ride at your fingertips

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park has gained a top name, not only for its legendary rides and shows, but also for the effort to provide a thrilling experience and an ultimate level of fun to its customers. Innovative and playful marketing tactics have also been a part of the Pleasure Beach strategy. The amusement park joined the Pointvoucher platform and presented a roller coaster simulator in a mobile game The Big One - Buckle Up. The game takes you on a thrill ride just like on the real Big One, which is the UK’s fastest and tallest roller coaster. It belongs to the endless runner game category and is attractive because of its simplicity and challenge.

The Big One  –  Buckle Up brings the endless fun and endless rewards to players while they take twists and turns of the roller coaster, collect coins on the way and try not to go off the rails. On top of that, for the thrilling time spent on the ride they get voucher points that can later be exchanged for on park purchases such as a free drink, Pleasure Beach pass or other real products on the Pointvoucher voucher shop.

Key features:

  • Amazing graphics and endless runner gameplay
  • 6 awesome characters
  • 7 colourful carriages
  • Challenges to win awesome prizes
  • Competition with friends
  • Vouchers from Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park

Amanda Thompson OBE, Managing Director of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, commented (Visit Blackpool, 2015):

“It’s great to see Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and many of its familiar characters, represented in the game. I hope that after spending time riding the Big One and collecting points, many players will visit us to try out the real thing and use the vouchers they have earned to enjoy a treat while they are here.”

Results (March, 2017):

  • Total downloads: 76 470
  • Total time spent: 20.6 years
  • Average time spent per user: 7.5 hours
  • Claimed vouchers: 9472

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