Let’s play and dive

Let’s play and dive

High Dive is an arcade mobile game that has won our hearts by its beautiful mellow colours and active and uncomplicated gameplay.

So what’s the catch?

Walter is the main hero in the game who wants to become the best outdoor diver in the universe. However, when he trains (almost up in the sky), there are some flying bird-looking obstacles that Walter may crash into and restrain him from gracefully jumping into the water. Thus, the mission is to manage Walter’s dive with a two-button control system (tap left or right). Each successful attempt lets you climb up the ladder, stand on a higher platform.

Diamonds are Walter’s best friends – for the diamonds you catch on Walter’s journey, you can get him a cap, headset or a friend so they can have more fun diving together. In other words, training Walter to plunge safely into water may get tiresome, thus you can either make him look more funky or help out another creature. A dog, a sandwich, a ghost… the choice is wide.

Why we love it?

We specifically enjoyed helping Walter break the records in this endless and fast gameplay. By the way, there’s a screen record function in the game that we used to capture dramatic Walter’s dives and shared with friends. The game creators have also published cute and quirky iMessage stickers that we admire.

Final thoughts?

Overall it’s a pretty neat game that can be played in short (even offline) sessions. We would recommend it for competitive casual gamers who would value a gorgeous design and a fun game story behind.

You can download High Dive here: iOS, Android.

Let’s play!

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