Feed monsters with a sweet tooth

Feed monsters with a sweet tooth

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is simply so adorable we couldn’t help but play for weeks. It is a physics-based puzzle that can appeal to all types of casual players and naturally all puzzle lovers.

So what’s the catch?

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is one of the many games that belong to Cut the Rope universe created by ZeptoLab. Thus, when we met the main character in the game, we had a feeling ‘oh, I’ve seen you somewhere’. And it was this sweet little alien named Om Nom, who belongs to the Nommies universe and apparently has its own merchandise, TV series and comics.

In this game, throughout different levels, he meets with his ancestors from Middle Ages, the Renaissance, a Pirate Ship, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Stone Age, and Disco Era. Pretty thrilling! The goal is to keep feeding the ever hungry for candy creature and his ancient ancestors. Since the treats are hung on the rope, a player’s goal is to imagine and picture in which a way sweets would move if ropes are cut (rope is snipped by swiping a finger over). Don’t let the candy drop as it will make Om Nom very sad. When all the Nommies get deliciously-looking candies, a new level starts.

Why we love it?

No spoilers, but later in the game there are plenty other elements introduced what makes it super exciting, for instance, anti-gravity soap bubbles. It’s a pretty adventurous puzzle because of the changing time-theme and game controls are easy to grasp. Oh and did we mention that the graphics are very charming?

Final thoughts

The main catch of this game is definitely cleverly arranged puzzles, while the lovable game universe adds up to creating nice gaming experience.

You can download Cut the Rope: Time Travel here: iOS, Android.

Let’s play!

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