Have a blast popping bubbles

Have a blast popping bubbles

Lately, games with cute adorable universes have seriously caught our attention. Home Boov Pop game features a character called Oh, who is well-known from an animated movie Home. The game is a brilliant excuse to dive into a beautiful gameplay and enjoy a colourful sweet world of puzzles.

So what’s the catch?

Game rules are super easy – simply pop bubbles! Connect three or more bouncy bubbles which are of the same colour and are connected. Simply drag your finger across on this beautiful gravity-based game board and you will see how nicely the bubbles pop. Points are awarded as the bubbles pop. If you wish to boost the score, try creating long colour strands, power bubbles or using rainbow bubbles that have super powers and can help you to pop more bubbles. It’s key to know that 1,2 or 3 stars can be earned, depending on the score. They will enable to unlock other familiar characters like Tip, Captain, Lucy and Pig.

Every level has a different goal, meaning that you have to pop a number of specific colours, but generally the game board looks mostly the same throughout the game and doesn’t change much as a player advances in the game. There’s a limited number of moves, though, the more moves you have after finish the level, the better.

Why we love it? 

Home Boov Pop game may look a bit childish at a first glance, but that’s why it is so attractive and welcoming. When we opened the game app and joined in the colourful universe to solve puzzles, we were delighted with marvellous 3D graphics. The puzzles could be more challenging, but perhaps the sweet universe from DreamWorks compensated it and made us enjoy popping bubbles a lot. Also, a nice touch was made by making bubbles float up from the bottom of the screen and bounce off each other as they find their place on the board.

Alright, there were actually some intergalactic enemies that blocked our way and complicated the game. Luckily, the game offers boosters that can, for instance, make all of bubbles of the same colour explode, swap colours or combine several colours in one move and get loads of points. Furthermore, the game introduces a wheel of fortune, or as they call a Wheel of Smek, once a players has earned 120 stars, and once per day lives, boosters and power-ups can be won.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot of explosive fun and one thing we forgot to mention – you can travel the world! As you advance through the levels, a beautifully designed map takes you through different exciting places. To sum up, the game greatly represents the movie, but also creates an innovative experience while interacting with the sweet characters and solving puzzles.

You can download Home Boov Pop! here: iOS, Android.

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