Build a collection of bears with words

Build a collection of bears with words

Alphabear is a word puzzle game that caught our attention with its sweet crowd of fluffy teddies. It has been out in the market for a while, but we discovered just now and say better later than never. Why? We believe the game design brought new air into a genre of word games!

So what’s the catch?

The ultimate goal is to collect a powerful army of bears. How to do so? A player has to spell words by tapping letters on a grid. There’s always a bear (you can choose up to three) on a game board, playing with you. When a word is compiled, the letter tiles disappear and make space for a bear to grow, what allows you to earn points. Hence, the bigger the bear becomes, the more points you will earn. On top of that, it is key to know that teddies have various powers. Thus, get to know your collection as it will help to boost your score. In addition, various bears can give bonus points on particular letters. For example, Easy Bear rewards you with +52 points for E, A, S and Y. While, Rock n Roll Bear will give you +30 points for 2-letter words. An interesting game tactic is that bears usually take a nap after a level, thus you are not allowed to play with the same bears every time. Furthermore, in-game lives or stamina are measured by “honey”, and 120 is a maximum of honeycomb a player can have. Playing a level costs some honey, but it regenerates over time.

Why we love it?

We must say that bears are truly charming and getting a full collection of 115 of them is perhaps the key motivator in the game.
That is also a reason why the game doesn’t feel like another remake of a word game, as the focus is not merely on words, as there are always tons of bears to collect. Also, there is a teacher bear hanging out in the corner, that we appreciated a lot, who compliments and helps out in case of helpless times.

Another thing we loved in the game was the richness of its vocabulary. There were loads of words that we even didn’t know existed, but hey – they helped us collect more bears! Furthermore, after a level is complete, a “mad lib” is shown to a player, that consists of words that were typed in that level. Look out, it can be so hilarious!

Final thoughts

Alphabear is a Scrabble-type word game that will delight a player with an unbearably cute universe and a clever gameplay. Smiles are guaranteed. Lastly, Spry Fox, the game developer, has more games in its pocket that feature sweet teddies if you ever wish to explore more.

Download Alphabear here: iOS, Android.

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