A game for “aha!” moments

A game for “aha!” moments

Have you ever solved a mobile puzzle without even touching a screen? Blackbox is the game that  redefines your phone features and literally makes you think outside of the box. And it has earned an Apple Design Award!

So what’s the catch?

Challenges. In a way, there are no questions in Blackbox, as in a usual trivia game, and that is one of the reasons why it is one of the best brain teaser games we have played. The game “level map” or the  black grid and it locates colourful icons that identify different levels or challenges.

Blackbox is a collection of puzzles that are solvable without touching a screen. How then? Well, it is a game that probably uses all other sensors on your phone, instead. Think about sound, light, battery… The creators managed to think of more than 50 levels in the game and as soon as you start playing you will be amazed. Besides, the more puzzles you solve, the more will be added to the grid.

Yes, the game is tricky and literally makes you think outside of the box, but that the whole beauty. Besides, there are clues to help with super tough levels, but use hints only as a very last hope. They can point to the right direction, but usually they are quite subtle.

Why we love it?

The game is full of surprises and most of the challenges take time and perspective to understand, but as the creators say they are all solvable. It is definitely a game where we had most “aha!” moments. Blackbox may also help develop patience, as there are lots of challenges which involve waiting, meaning that you, for example, have to open the game at a specific time during a day or week. In a way, the game does not have much limitations, as there are no livers, and you can try to solve the puzzle as many times as yo wish. If you cannot think ‘outside the box’, nothing will help. Well, maybe in-game hints could lead to a right direction. Again, just remember that you can always take a break and come back to the game later. Lastly, Blackbox looks insanely beautiful and some of the levels are even animated.

Final thoughts

Get ready to think of all possible functions and sensors on your iPhone (yes, sorry, it’s only available for iOS) and enjoy this unique game. We think we have you covered for at least a week of great gaming experience! Keep in mind – Blackbox is insanely good at testing your patience and frustration.

The creator promises to continuously bring new challenges to the game!

Download Blackbox here: iOS.

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