Are you a genius? Test it in this game

Are you a genius? Test it in this game

Tricky Test 2 is a catch. This trivia game may look the sweetest and simplest mobile game ever, but it is not. Orangenose Studios released this game which has been a huge success among many casual players who want to prove (or test) how witty they are.

So what’s the catch?
The game universe is actually pretty nicely designed and has a fresh look, while a set of 100 questions is a tough nut to crack. And that is mainly what gained  this game its popularity.
So a player has 5 lives and gets asked a question that is followed by some graphics which usually accompany a challenge. Tap for an answer, be prepared to shake your phone or do some other weird things that may not be common in a trivia game. After each correct solution a player sees clapping hands and jumps into a next challenge. There’s unlimited time to answer, but it is counted towards your performance at the end. Just in case it gets too tricky, there are usual hints (clues) that may help to progress. Also, all previous solutions can be seen in the left hand side menu of the game.

Why we love it?
Our best advice when playing this game would be – think twice! And look at questions in an uncomplicated way as in many cases a solution may be hidden in a wordplay. Yes, the game is called Tricky Test, but the truth is a kid may be able to complete more challenges, as usually the solution is so pretty simple that an adult simply overcomplicates it. Anyway, this game is able to bring out a feeling of being a genius when after many tries (and lives lost) you finally find that absurd answer.

Final thoughts
Tricky Test 2 is an awesome brain teaser for all ages. The game creators even say that one can test his or hers IQ in this game and over 6 million people worldwide have been tricked by this test. Well, the game will surely tickle your funny bone. Have fun!

Download Tricky Test 2 here: iOS, Android.

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