Put your knowledge to the test

Put your knowledge to the test

Trivia games are fantastic tools to pass some boring time efficiently. Trivia Crack has been a hit in the category that caught our attention for the past few weeks.  

So what’s the catch?
Trivia Crack is an interactive multi-player game, played either with a random opponent or against a Facebook friend. The game appears to be pretty welcoming as the universe is very vivid and has many cheerful and nicely designed characters who can be recognised from other games of Etermax. A game starts when one of the mascots spins a wheel of fortune and one of six question categories is chosen. There are questions from Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science and Geography categories, thus the game definitely offers something new to learn every time.
As usual, a player gets multiple answers and has to choose a correct one. If it’s a multiplayer challenge, each player has 24 hours to answer a question.

Why we love it?
We thought that one of the best features of this game was actually an opportunity to play against friends. It’s always fun  to challenge friends and find out who has the most trivia knowledge. There is also a chat function in the game, where players can invite each other for a challenge. Furthermore, the game boasts of hundreds of thousands of questions, thus it’s very unlikely a player sees the same question twice. In addition, everyone can submit their own questions to Trivia Crack creators or even rate and translate the existing ones, which improves the in-game content. Another cool thing is that Trivia Crack has the game released in over 20 languages which allows more people in the world to have fun testing their knowledge.

Final thoughts
Trivia Crack brings a player into its attractive and cheerful universe, where time can simply fly, if you happen to be a fan of fun casual quizzes. The game definitely gives a chance to put your useless knowledge in place.

Download Trivia Crack here: iOS, Android.

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