New word game for Call me

New word game for Call me

A brand new mobile game TAL ORDENTLIGT has joined the Pointvoucher platform. Set in a playful Call me universe, the game brings you to various unfortunate everyday urban life situations, where a player’s purpose is to simply help one of the many characters have a better day.

What is the game about? 

TAL ORDENTLIGT is a word puzzle game with a mission to encourage people see a bright side in every situation and talk kindly. The game consists of 50 levels which are set at different locations in a city, such as home, playground, park or a metro station. In each level, a player is presented with a character’s story that is quite relatable to everyone’s annoying daily life situations, and there are 5 words to be found on a game board. That is done by swiping over and connecting letters in the right order to form a word. There is a little hint at the top of the game board, as empty tiles indicate a letter count of a word to be found. Another cool feature is that a player can notice that a character’s face becomes happier with every word completed.

What happens when a level is completed? 

A player gets Karma Points for making one of the characters day better. Karma Points are awarded based on the time spent in a level, so positive words have to be found rather quick.
A user also gets rewarded with voucher points that can be used for claiming vouchers for various products and experiences in the game’s voucher shop. The more you play, the more voucher points you get. Call me offers loads of real-life products (e.g. headsets, speakers), discounts on mobile phones and great prize competitions for TAL ORDENTLIGT game players.
Lastly, people get inspired and encouraged to choose their words wisely while playing the game, since the mobile game is part of Call me’s widely known Tal Ordentligt (i.e. Talk Kindly) campaign in Denmark.

Is there more fun in the game? 

Yes! The game can also be played in a multiplayer mode, which is designed to take place in a TV studio. Players take turns and compete in a “word battle”; they are given 2 minutes to find as many positive words as possible in 5 rounds. The winner of the battle is found after one of the players wins 3 rounds. They also get rewarded with voucher points.

Invite your friends and see who can spread the most of good karma by finding as many positive words as possible!

Download TAL ORDENTLIGT* game here.

*The game is only available in Danish.

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