Dance with ostriches

Dance with ostriches

Ever taught an ostrich how to dance? Here’s your chance! Ostrich Among Us is a quite unique rhythm game which surprised us with its simple, yet very fun and engaging gameplay.

So what’s the catch?

An intro to the game is a well-made tutorial that clearly states the rules and brings a player right to the party.
A player’s mission is to control an ostrich’s moves, who has basically no dancing skills, and help keep up with a gang of other ostriches that are already pretty talented dancers. There are around 5 key moves (steps) that have to be made at the right timing, and the sequence of moves is always changing. Though, player’s ostrich is always the last in line to make a move that has to follow a previous flip. A player is fully in charge of timing and matching funky dance moves of the ostrich.

The ultimate goal is to dance as long as possible and attract fans, since the longer they dance, more people gather the more money performers would earn. Money can be spent to buy accessories for player’s dancing ostrich.

Why we love it?

Never have we thought that one can make an ostrich dance with a few taps on a phone screen. We’ve simply found this game hilarious. Firstly, yes, it is the dancing part and following the rhythm of other dancing ostriches that makes it super fun. Secondly, the game is quite dynamic and lets a player travel to rock on different dance floors and perform to different audiences with an-easy-to-lear game controls. Doesn’t it sound fun? Lastly, there is a party feeling throughout the game as ostriches flap their wings and set a gameplay in a festive mood.

Final thoughts

We agree, Ostrich Among Us is a weird mobile game, yet those kind of games are good means to have a laugh and relax.

Download Ostrich Among Us here: iOS, Android

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