Run as fast as a sausage

Run as fast as a sausage

Endless Runner with loads of life threatening obstacles, set in an unusual fun universe – that is a game we have been recently playing. Run Sausage Run! is part of our game reviews about funny and a bit weird games that we lately enjoyed.

So what’s the catch?

The game puts a player into sausage’s shoes and asks to run through various hurdles that a sausage may face in its daily life. Grill, knives, blades, hammer and other obstacles are dangerous and have to be avoided on the run. The game controls are easy –   in order to run fast a player taps and holds the screen, and releases when a sausage has to be slowed down.

As in many games of this type, coins are awarded on the way for a great performance. There is also a cool feature giving free coins every 6 hours, if a player opens the magic box. In return for collected goodies, one can change sausage’s personality into a Unicorn, Robot, Chocolate or even a Granny sausage character. On top of that a type can be chosen between smoked, Weisswurst, Blutwurst, etc.

Why we love it?

We fell for Run Sausage Run! game because of its hilarious adaptation of Endless Runner game mechanics to this funny, creative and colourful universe with cool graphics. We definitely enjoyed the fact that you can also customize the sausage and then follow your achievements on a board.

Final thoughts

The game has climbed up the app store charts for a reason – it is pretty entertaining and suitable for short breaks for every family member.

Download Run Sausage Run! here: iOS, Android.

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