Join in June’s Journey to reveal a crime

Join in June’s Journey to reveal a crime

June’s Journey game released by Wooga not only hooked us on an adventurous case solving, but also brought us back to the 1920’s.

So what’s the catch?

It is perhaps the first time that we have played and written about a mystery adventure game genre. What makes this game to stand out is the hidden object scenes. There is a list of hidden items shown at the bottom of the screen to a player, which have to be found in a scene (picture) in order to complete. The gameplay is based on time, so bonus points are awarded if objects are spotted and the scene is cleared shortly. When all items are found, a stage is completed and a new task is given.

Why we liked it?

We truly appreciated that the game followed an unusual plot: it is based on a story of a main character June, who travels to New York to find out what happened to her sister and solve the mysterious case. Honestly, the game is unlike something we have played before. And no, we haven’t tried the first hit game Pearl’s Peril from the same developer. Nevertheless, clever and engaging gameplay got us solving jigsaw puzzles, finding clues and opening new chapters for a long while. June’s Journey drove our curiosity to find who caused the crime as we enjoyed being in a detective role, wouldn’t you?

Final thoughts

We highly recommend to dive into this mysterious discovery game. June’s Journey lets you travel back in time to solve mysteries in an adventurous game which follows a thrilling storyline. Available to download in multiple languages.

Get June’s Journey for free here: iOS, Android.

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