The Eagle has landed — new partnership on the platform

The Eagle has landed — new partnership on the platform

It is with great pleasure that Pointvoucher presents a voucher partnership with the UK based Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye has been a dream collaboration partner since Pointvoucher’s entry to the UK market.

Eagle Eye’s experience as a leading innovative SaaS technology provider, along with their impressive redemption network, makes them the ideal partner for Pointvoucher. Their long list of stellar brands and retail partners include ASDA, John Lewis and M&S.

“Pointvoucher brings a unique combination of mobile gaming and voucher hungry users which presents Eagle Eye with a great new audience to add to our network as well as delivering consumers a new, fun way to engage”, says Tim Mason, CEO Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange.

For more information please contact:

Head of Partnerships
Kasper Daugaard
+44 07828388838

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