Join in Pointvoucher’s playful journey

Join in Pointvoucher’s playful journey

We will soon be closing our crowdfunding campaign, and this week we want to give you 5 reasons why people are investing in Pointvoucher and why we think you should too!

Reason 1: Our tech is ready for rapid growth.

Every tech company makes mistakes along the way. We at Pointvoucher have invested a lot of money in building a platform and a business model that is now fully scalable. We have already made many of our mistakes and learned from them to improve our technology considerably. Therefore, by investing in Pointvoucher, you are investing in a solid concept that has been proven and learned from in smaller markets and that we feel now has the potential to take off globally, very soon.

Reason 2: The world’s biggest independent ad agency believes in this idea.

We have secured a partnership with the biggest independent advertising agency M&C Saatchi. This partnership will help us access various major cities and brands. The execution has already started and the first international partners are already in the pipeline. We expect this partnership to influence a heavy growth, shortly.

Reason 3: Pointvoucher operates within three high growth markets.  

The core Pointvoucher concept consist of 3 components. Mobile gaming, vouchers and branded entertainment. All of markets are predicted to grow heavily over the next years.

Pointvoucher is an opportunity for you to invest in all three of these exciting markets wrapped into one single concept.   

Reason 4: You’re investing in a platform. Not a gaming company.

You are not investing in a gaming company. You are investing in a platform where a large portion of future earnings will come from subscriptions. Similar to Netflix or Spotify. This approach will secure a recurring revenue stream that makes Pointvoucher much less vulnerable than normal gaming companies that are looking for a one hit wonder.

Reason 5: Blue Ocean

With very few direct competitors there is a golden opportunity to win a large share if Pointvoucher is able to keep up the speed. Your investment will make a difference here.

Visit the crowdfunding page on Seedrs and become part of our fantastic journey!

In Pointvoucher’s Let’s play blog, we’ve dedicated our time and space to give our readers in-depth articles on using gamification as part of marketing strategy. On top of that, we’ll bring you insights on what is happening in casual gaming, the basics of building a brand universe in games, the psychology behind gaming in marketing, case stories on branded entertainment and much more.

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