Mr Bean plays in Wimbledon

Mr Bean plays in Wimbledon

Tennis enthusiasts and sporting  fans have been eagerly awaiting the Wimbledon Championships. Mr Bean has attended the matches dozens of times, but never before has he participated in a Wimbledon-themed mobile game update!

Play London with Mr Bean is proud to present a brand new skin featuring Mr Bean and Irma all set for the tennis fever of Wimbledon.

30 new levels and extra challenges

The update welcomes you with three new hubs at the area of Wimbledon: ‘The Buddhapadipa Temple’, ‘Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum’ and ‘The Wimbledon Windmill Museum’.

What is Buddhapadipa Temple?

The Buddhapadipa Temple is a Buddhist monastery covering 4 acres and including an ornamental lake, a small grove, a lovely flower garden and an orchard. It’s a  unique colourful and fascinating hub, that cannot be missed.

Let’s play at a Tennis Museum.

Explore tennis’ evolution into a multi-million-pound  professional sport played worldwide at Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. With exciting interactive and audio guides in 10 languages, the museum showcases the artistry and athleticism that is modern tennis.

New challenges at another museum? Yes, please.

The Wimbledon Windmill Museum is a museum of windmills in a windmill on London’s Wimbledon Common. The museum tells the history of windmills and includes working models and milling. It’s a great attraction for everyone interested in windmills, no doubt!

What else is new in the game?

Game characters have dressed up to celebrate biggest sporting events of the year in Wimbledon! Irma’s white outfit would definitely fit all the requirements to play on the courts. Besides, the update introduces performance improvements which shall elevate our players’ gaming experience further.

Download the update on App Store or Google Play to join in buzzing Wimbledon festivities with Mr Bean and Irma, vibrant graphics and more challenging than ever match-3 puzzles.

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