What we learnt from a major ad provider’s breakdown

What we learnt from a major ad provider’s breakdown

Recently, we have had a breakdown that made us realize one key fact – people love ads if they are rewarded for seeing them!

Some time ago, a mobile advertising delivery service suddenly stopped providing ads for one of our games. The day after, our social media channels, customer support and app stores were flooded with complaints, angry messages and negative reviews. In other words, players got extremely mad because they could not see ads and get desired rewards.

This was, of course, very unfortunate, since our business is dependent on happy users. Thus, after riding the storm it kind of came as a surprise people reacted that way. Users got so angry because of an ad service breakdown, in times where ad blockers are getting more and more common and people are moving away from the flow TV to avoid ads in the middle of their favorite show. Hence, if the same incident occurred on TV, consumers would be over the moon as no one will be interrupting their precious time, meaning a loss of ad space for brands.

However, as we have learnt, it is not the case in mobile gaming if players are rewarded with points, power-ups, boosters, etc. for seeing a 30 sec. video ad. No completion – no rewards. In Pointvoucher’s games users can double up their points earned in a level or give another spin on a wheel of fortune if a mobile ad is watched while playing.

The audience of casual gamers, that is over 2 billion people globally, is happy to consume content as long as they are rewarded with something that is of value to them. It goes back to the old saying that we truly believe in – give before you take. Being generous always pays off.

In-game advertising in Pointvoucher games has proved not to annoy people, since during the breakdown people demanded them to be back ASAP. That is definitely worth noting for brands who want to cut through the clutter in a safe and pleasing way.

Key lessons:

1. Players don’t mind in-game rewarding ads.

2. Rewarded advertising works for casual gamers.

3. Have a back-up plan to please reward-hungry people.

Check out a video below to learn more about the power of advertising in mobile games and read the article on the value of mobile gaming in the marketing mix.

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