Bilkabale – a third mobile game for Bilka

Bilkabale – a third mobile game for Bilka

Pointvoucher platform has welcomed yet another game from Bilka set in the Far til Femten (EN: Father of Fifteen) universe where players can have fun and earn voucher points at the same time, and later exchange them for real products at Bilka’s stores.

What is the game about?

Per, Malene and the kids have embarked on a trip around Denmark to explore amazing landmarks. They are travelling through Aalborg, Odense, Hillerød and many other beautiful Danish towns. Going on a trip with fifteen kids can become a bit tiresome, thus Per needs a coffee break from time to time and Bilkabale is his great companion!

How to play?

Bilkabale is an awesome mobile card game based on well-known solitaire rules, thus it is easy to start playing. If a player is unfamiliar with solitaire, the gameplay is based on fliping and matching cards in order to remove all cards from the playing area. At the bottom of the gameboard one can see a face-up card (the pile) and several overlapping face-down cards. Tap any card on a table that is one higher or one lower than the card on the pile. If there are no cards to play, tap on the face-down cards to get a new card on the pile. Move all cards from the playing area on the table to win.

Good to know:

In case you run out of cards you can get 5 extra or use a wildcard to finish the level.

Star rating:  Player’s skills are rated: 3 stars – fantastic, 2 stars – very good, 1 star – ok.

Wild card: this card substitutes all cards. It is very convenient to extend streaks! Wild card can be received as a bonus, exchanged for coins or found in a pile.

Streak happens when you get playable cards without tapping and opening new cards from the pile.

Undo: this button lets you go backwards, if you miss a playable card.

Bilka bonus: you can unlock Bilka bonus every hour. The more levels you have unlocked the more bonus you will receive.

Voucher points: rewards earned every time after a game session. Log in or create a new Pointvoucher account to collect the points. They can be doubled by watching Bilka ads in the game.

Key Features:

– Solitaire genre card game

– Far til Femten universe

– Over 150 levels

– Real rewards from Bilka

– Available for FREE on smartphones and tablets

Download* Bilkabale for iOS and Android here.

*The game is only available in Danish.

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