Mr Bean discovers Highgate

Mr Bean discovers Highgate

The ghosts, bats and spooky feels have left the Play London game until next year. Mr Bean is now ready to travel up north and discover the area of Highgate.

The update brings thirty new levels set at three well-known spots in Highgate: Highgate Cemetery, Lauderdale House and Waterlow Park. Are you up for discovering more of London with Mr Bean? Shall we shortly introduce you the three areas first? Sure!

Here we go to complete Match 3 puzzles with Mr Bean:

Highgate Cemetery

It is the most famous graveyard of London, opened in the 1800s, that is famous for its Egyptian Avenue, some of the finest funerary architecture in the country and magnificent views over the capital. Besides, Highgate Cemetery is the resting ground chosen by the likes of Karl Marx and George Eliot.

Lauderdale House

Lauderdale House, located at the scenic setting of Waterlow Park, is a 16th century manor house built as a private home to three-times mayor of London, Sir Richard Martin. Today, it is a community arts centre that offers a range of workshops, exhibitions and concerts. There is also a cafe where you can taste some delicious modern British cuisine or have an afternoon tea.

Waterlow Park

Given to the public by Sir Sydney Waterlow, as “a garden for the gardenless” in 1889, the park was recently improved and is now a spectacular park with good wildlife habitats, panoramic views over London and a visitor centre.

What else is new in the game?

We have redesigned the hub experience. As you can see below, the game world map is now less congested and features icons depicting an area. If you press on it, three hubs will pop up.

Download the latest update of Play London with Mr Bean here.

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