Case study: a branded city game for London starring Mr Bean

Case study: a branded city game for London starring Mr Bean

  • The city of London wished to connect visitors with attractions and local businesses
  • A new innovative solution was developed by joining Pointvoucher’s platform
  • A branded city game Play London with Mr Bean was launched in November, 2017
  • Mr Bean was selected to star in the game and showcase the city’s hidden gems
  • The game rewards players with real-life products and experiences
  • Local brands and business provide players with vouchers
  • The app is continuously updated with new areas and reskinned to match seasonal events


London is one of the most visited cities in the world which offers a wide variety of historic landmarks and iconic places. It is also one of the most innovative cities that is always on the lookout for new technology, which can help make the city smarter, drive awareness and connect Londoners as well as visitors with attractions and local businesses.

The Challenge

The goal was to help Londoners and visitors discover new experiences and hidden gems of the city and its surroundings by providing a new solution that would manage the flow and drive traffic to non-touristy places. In other words, the idea was encourage dispersal of tourists, discovery of hidden gems as well as to promote local businesses.

The Solution

In order to find the key to this challenge London has formed a partnership with Pointvoucher and Endemol Shine Group to create a rewarding mobile gaming experience. Endemol Shine Group provided the rights to star Mr Bean, a globally recognised Londoner, who would invite people to play and explore London together, in a Match-3 puzzle game called Play London with Mr Bean.

In other words, a casual mobile game was created, wrapped in London and Mr Bean’s branding and launched on Pointvoucher’s plug ‘n’ play marketing platform. The game is connected to a marketplace, a Play London voucher shop, which offers rewards for people who play the game. Products and experiences from cool brands in London can be claimed by exchanging points earned in the game for vouchers.

The plan was to launch the game featuring some neighbourhoods and continue updating with more hubs, so players could keep exploring the city. Besides, major seasonal events were taken into account, when updates were scheduled. Hence, each game update brought a reskin that matched a seasonal event. For instance, an update to mark Notting Hill Carnival featured game characters, Mr Bean and Irma, dressed in fancy colourful costumes and new levels were set at three attractions in the area of Notting Hill. Also, during seasonal campaigns voucher shop offered themed vouchers or prizes provided by local businesses.



Play London with Mr Bean was soft launched in November, 2017, together with a lot of local and domestic businesses who have provided vouchers to the voucher shop.

 The game has already been played for years, thousands of vouchers have been claimed in the voucher shop and redeemed at the partners’ stores. Valuable data and permissions have been collected. Lastly, a lot of people got engaged in the game and discovered new London sites and attractions that they probably did not know existed.

Here are some key facts and figures:

  • Downloads: +500K
  • Permissions: +100K
  • Vouchers claimed: +74K
  • Average engagement rate: 2.1 hours
  • Player’s profile: on average 35 years old, 66% female and 34% male

Pointvoucher’s platform sets a new standard on how mobile gaming can be used as part of the marketing mix to help market and promote a city, showcase areas, tell stories and drive footfall around the city to retail partners.

In Pointvoucher’s Let’s play blog, we’ve dedicated our time and space to give our readers in-depth articles on using gamification as part of marketing strategy. On top of that, we’ll bring you insights on what is happening in casual gaming, the basics of building a brand universe in games, the psychology behind gaming in marketing, case stories on branded entertainment and much more.

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