Suppedas – a fourth game for Bilka

Suppedas – a fourth game for Bilka

Far til Femten (Father of Fifteen) games have become a great way to get an entertainment fix and receive real-life rewards from Bilka for many families in Denmark. The fans have been asking for more ways to have fun in Far til Femten universe. The brand was happy to see the results and has thus released a fourth mobile game – Suppedas – on the Pointvoucher platform. It is actually a third game released this year that allows people to play quality games set in the branded universe and earn voucher points that can later be exchanged to products at Bilka’s stores.

What is the game about?

Suppedas is a word puzzle game that takes place in the kitchen of Per and Malene’s house. It tells a story of hungry kids and a freezing Malene who all crave for something nice and warm. Thus, Per decides to cook some soup, however the family cannot agree on what meal they wish for and Per gets extremely confused.

How to play?

Player’s mission is to help Per out in the kitchen, to satisfy everyone’s needs and wants in the family, by connecting lost letters and spelling words. The more words are spelled, the more soups will be cooked, hence the whole family will be happy.

Suppedas is a colourful and fun family word game that lets players boost their brain power, enrich vocabulary and explore soups from all over the world. But perhaps most importantly, players can earn voucher points for the time spent playing that are exchanged to vouchers for a wide variety of Bilka products. That also means that Bilka’s customers now have four alternative ways to play quality games and claim rewards.

Key Features:

– A word game for the whole family

– Over 500 levels

– Far til Femten universe and well-known characters

– Vouchers for products in Bilka

– Available for free on smartphones and tablets

Download* Suppedas for iOS and Android here (*only available in Danish).

Have you tried other Far til Femten mobile games?

Explore the universe by downloading 3 på stribe, Power Per and Bilkabale, earn more voucher points and combine them to claim vouchers for products in Bilka.

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