New royal game feature in Play London

New royal game feature in Play London

Play London with Mr Bean game introduces a new feature of Royal Rush. Complete puzzles without losing a life and get a boost for your next level.

Here is how it works:

  • Each time you win a level, you gain a crown
  • Each crown gives you a random booster for next level
    • 1 crown – 1 booster (either Scrapper, Corgi or a chameleon)
    • 2 crowns – 2 boosters (two of either Scrapper, Corgi or a chameleon)
    • 3 crowns – 3 boosters (Scrapper, Corgi and a chameleon)

Don’t lose your crown

If you do not successfully complete a level, your Royal Rush is over. Besides, the Royal Rush only works in those levels that you have not completed yet.

Here is an example from our game designer:

“Let’s say I’m on level 300, I win two levels in a row and get two crowns. If I then go and win level 302 – I gain my third crown and get three boosters. I can continue to level 303 or go back to level 198, for instance, and play with the free boosters. However, if I lose at any point, I lose my crown streak and have to start all over again. And don’t forget that the Royal Rush only works for new levels.”

Lastly, Royal Rush is active every day for 20 hours. You will see a crown icon on the left side (below Daily spin and Special offer).

We hope you enjoy it!

Let’s play!

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