How to increase retention in your mobile game

How to increase retention in your mobile game

Let’s be honest, at the end of the day monetisation is the key factor all mobile publishers aim for and constantly track. And the usual way to earn money in mobile apps is by boosting retention and engagement. Actually, there are lots of ways to increase monetisation, but we will present you the tool we have used and it proved to work.

We have found a secret how to engage a user and, so one keeps coming back for more. Many mobile apps are already using reward-based incentives, for instance, rewarded advertising, rewarded polls, which give users various virtual perks, like bonus points, boosters or gift boxes,

We are developing a Software Development Kit (SDK) that rewards people for spending time in your app with real-life rewards.

Here is how it works:

The user opens your app and clicks ‘Register’ in the Pointvoucher pop-up. Then, every second spent interacting with the app a user earns voucher points. There is an access to a voucher marketplace, where a user exchanges points for vouchers, which are stored in a voucher wallet and can later be redeemed in a real store or online. People are happy to get free coffee, discounted tickets or a 2-for-1 meal in their favourite restaurant.

6 reasons to integrate the SDK in your app:

  1. Get more loyal users and prevent churn by giving your users access to real-life vouchers from great brands.
  2. Increase app monetisation by boosting retention and engagment numbers significantly.
  3. Collect GDPR compliant data and permissions.
  4. Get access to new users through the Pointvoucher eco-system.
  5. The SDK is fast and easy to implement into any app.
  6. The SDK is completely free to use.

How it worked for us:

Pointvoucher has released +10 apps, where the SDK has been tested. We have tested the SDK in the game Play London with Mr Bean that was launched in markets where we provided vouchers and in markets where we didn’t. The retention numbers show a significant increase in the markets where we had vouchers, proving that the SDK makes a real difference. In other words, players who had the chance to turn their points earned in the game for free cinema tickets in London came back and stayed in the game longer compared to players from other countries who did not have the access to real-life rewards.

How it works for you:

  1. Register as a Pointvoucher partner.
  2. Download the SDK.
  3. Insert triggers & events into the app where the user must be rewarded.
  4. Publish the app.
  5. Experience how retention, engagement and monetisation increase in your app.

Release date

The SDK will be released during 2019. If you like to get notified when it’s ready or if you want tp request early access and help us build the perfect version please register here.

Let’s talk:

Reach out if you have additional questions.

David McKie, Global Business Development Director

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