New game-release! Say Hello to Billies Great App for Children

New game-release! Say Hello to Billies Great App for Children

We are proud and excited to finally be able to launch Billies Great App for Children, which is our fifth game for Bilka. The games have proven to be a great way for Bilka to increase footfall and brand-engagement as well as developing stronger relations with their customers. Like the other games, Billies Great App for Children allows Bilka’s customers to play quality games and earn voucher points that can later be exchanged to real products at Bilka’s stores. Today, Bilka has received +530k downloads, 6hours average user dwell time, +250k e-mail permissions & +370 claimed vouchers.

.. And now to the game: Welcome to Billie!

In The Forest of Stories lives the wolf Billie with all his friends. The forest is a magical place where pure energy flows through the trees and brings light and happiness to everybody. The forest is in big danger as the evil Mr. Mystique plans to steal the energy with all its power so he can become the strongest magician in the universe! Help Billie and his friends get the energy back to the Forest of Stories before it’s too late!    

How to play?

Player’s mission is to help Billie and his friends to find the magical keys to unlock Mr. Mystique’s 8 safes, which all contain one crystal. Play your way through the mini-games to find the keys, collect the crystals and bring the energy back to the magical forest of stories!

Billie is an adventurous and fun universe for the younger generation. In the game, kids have the opportunity to get entertained through 5 quality mini-games. Among other things, the kids will learn how to sort garbage and construct castles that reach the stars!

Key Features:

An adventurous universe for kids and their family
5 fun and learning mini-games
Vouchers for products in Bilka
Available for free on smartphones and tablets

Download Billies Great App for Children (Billies Bedste Børneapp) for iOS and Android here (*only available in Danish)

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