Play London invites you to celebrate National Tea Day in Crystal Palace

Play London invites you to celebrate National Tea Day in Crystal Palace

Irma has become tired of drinking uninspiring tea as her daily morning routine! Therefore, she has planned to invite Mr Bean to Crystal Palace and celebrate National Tea Day on the 21st of April! While searching for inspiring quality tea, Irma has decided to introduce Mr Bean to three unique hubs. Join them and get a glimpse of the area by playing in the three hubs that are now part of the Play London game.

Crystal Palace Victorian Subway:

The Crystal Palace subway is a beautifully designed and crafted relic of Victorian construction hidden under the A212! Experience the old hidden subway that during WWII was converted into an air-raid shelter with bunk beds for 190 people!

Crystal Palace Saturday Food Market

The Crystal Palace Saturday Food Market is a community driven market to help promote sustainability and provide local organically grown food to local people. Enjoy the delicious food from local producers at the bottom of Haynes Lane    

Crystal Palace Park Dinosaurs:

Go back in time and experience a series of sculptures of dinosaurs and other extinct animals! The Crystal Palace Dinosaurs were the first ever attempt to model full-scale replicas of extinct animals and thus vital objects in the history of science!

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